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Life has changed for all of us! Even with the economy slowly starting to open back up, working from home will continue to be the new normal for many people. So why not create a space in your home where you feel productive and inspired! It doesn’t take much to set up a stylish office space to suit your needs, but trust me its worth it! Having an area to separate “work” from “home” is extremely important to maintain work/life balance even when the two have to take place under the same roof.

Here are my essentials items and tips to create a stylish home office!

DESK- Start by choosing your desk as this is the anchor piece for your office. Pay attention to the size and scale of your room to be sure to choose one that works no matter how big or small your office is. Even the smallest nooks can be turned into an office with a floating shelf used as a desk!

CHAIR- This piece should be equal parts comfort and style! Since you’ll be spending many hours in this chair pay special attention to ergonomics so you can stay focused on your work, not back pain.

LAMP- Depending on your situation, many home offices need to be set up in dens or basements. These low lit rooms require additional lighting to keep spirits and motivation high! Find a desk lamp you love and also make sure to opt for soft-white light bulbs. Additional time in front of screens is hard on our eyes, using for soft-white bulbs ensure no additional eye strain is caused by harsh lighting.

ART- This is where your personal touch can really come through. Find art that inspires you, motivates you, or calms you. Empty walls do not spark creativity!

FILING CABINET- You can never have too much storage! In order to keep your work space clear and productive, make sure you have an adequate amount of storage in your home office. It is important that papers, files or whatever supplies your work requires, don’t clutter up your desk or spill into your living space.

AREA RUG- Having a cozy rug under your feet while working can create a sense calm even during these stressful times. Also, if you are not able to have your office in its own room, having an area rug helps to separate and define the space.

PLANTS- With our extended time indoors right now, having some plants in your office space is a great idea! There are numerous health benefits to plants including reduced stress, increased productivity, air purification and boosted creativity. But even if you don’t have a green thumb (like me), and prefer artificial plants, having some “green” in your space still creates increased positive vibes by bringing the outdoors in.

CALENDAR- It is easy to get distracted while working from home. Whether it be kids, pets or just your favourite Netflix series. Having a stylish wall calendar in your home office is a great way to stay accountable. List all your daily tasks, but also have a section with your big picture goals and dreams! Having a constant reminder of what we are working towards is the best way to stay motivated.

DECOR- Lastly, add in a few decor touches. Things that inspire you, things that make you smile or things that just look pretty! But make sure you don’t over crowd your desk with too much decor. A few key pieces is all it takes personalize your space!

I hope these tips are helpful in creating a stylish home office space you feel inspired in


Courtney Kys

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